Just a little taste of sunshine for y’all while you hunker down through the increasingly weird Canadian and northern U.S. winters.

A little backstory: Jack & I have been coming down to this condo in Century Village in Boca Raton for several years, staying longer each year. This year I think we’ve truly crossed the line and become full-fledged snowbirds (did I really just say that?). Every couple of years, it seems, we take side trips to the Keys, and every once in a great while we stop on the way home to see some sights. Once it was Savannah, and one fine year we stopped in both St. Augustine (where the picture on the header above came from) and Gettysburg. Loved all those places. For our 10th wedding anniversary we went to Puerto Rico for ten glorious days, completely unplugged. We had a cell phone for emergencies and for calling ahead from the road to the next place we thought we might want to stay. But mostly we just stay around the condo and do day trips here and there.

A bit about me. Let me see, how about a list of some of the stuff I love, in no particular order (not talking about people here, just stuff):

  • The beach, any beach, but especially the ocean
  • Sunsets, especially sunsets at the beach. Over the ocean.
  • Sunrises will also do (picture above was taken at 7:00 AM, but I’m not generally a morning person).
  • Cats.
  • Birds.
  • Alligators. (I know. I just think they’re cool. At a safe distance.)
  • French roast from Starbucks.
  • A flavorful Cabernet or Cab-Merlot.
  • Playing guitar.
  • Singing, especially yummy harmonies.

And I blog less frequently than I set out to. I’m a recovering perfectionist with a looooong way to go in that department. Working on it.




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  1. Anonymous

     /  April 7, 2013

    Love the photo why haven’t we seen it before?

    • Tova

       /  April 8, 2013

      Why, thank you, Art! It’s part of my “Sunrise in St. Augustine” series. Maybe I’ll post a gallery. 🙂


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